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Home Loans

What if you had your finances structured so that there was money left after the transaction of purchasing a home or an investment property? That there is actually a buffer so the first payment is already banked or if there is a vacancy of a tenant!

In this section you will find some summary information about the types of loans provided and some tips and tricks to make it easy for your to understand.

There is no better way to achieve fast help by clicking on this link and starting a chat about your circumstances today. 

By working with us, you will engage in an efficient and cost-effective service to help you find the best product that will suit your financial situation (not ours).

So how does a home loan work to purchase your ideal property?

At Diagnostics and Finance we believe there are five steps.

  • Budget
  • Negotiation
  • Application
  • Settlement
  • Follow up

These things don’t need to be done all together or in this specific order.

Hence why I have a pizza or a pentagon.


Buying a home is a significant investment of time and money , how do you budget for it, have you got your plan?

If you have a budget, you are 100% in front and under control, and this gives you the power of your purchase.

Alternatively, if your financial budget is untidy, emotions may have more control over your decisions that you’re making and the power of negotiation when purchasing property or it may even give you fear of what you can achieve!


Developing a plan for how you are going to negotiate and having your finances sorted and in place will give you a strong position. Therefore budget and negotiation go hand-in-hand and you will have a position of power.

You will influence the people with the use of a Diagnostics and Finance Broker, especially when you are in the open home or the room with a real estate agent and all the other people that you need to be able to buy your home. They will be attracted to talk with you!

If you don’t have a good negotiation position or your finances are not in control. You will probably lose control and may enter a time where you may be pushed higher with your offer price, and this could be outside your budget coupled with the emotion of the purchase as well or risk of losing.

Soon to released Negotiation with Aaron & Aaron


The application process. The advantageous thing about the application process is that you can offload that job to the Diagnostics and Finance Broker. We can take that off job off your table, and we can write up the application for you.

Yes, we’re going to ask a few questions, but we’ve used some cool technology to help us get into that process, and you can click on the button and start the fin bot application service. This service can guide you through the personal details and also the document collection service inclusive of bank statements.

If you were going to proceed yourself, you would have to do the research and investigation yourself, and this is not your day job. A broker has the experience in regards to completing applications for banks and specific banks have different policies and even more so now with the tightening lending conditions. Sometimes we may need to go to one bank over another or also diversify your lenders depending on how far you wish to invest or achieve the financial goals you have.


The settlement process is a time where all your professionals work together to have all the money, discharge and property security releases and disbursements of money to relevant parties.

These parties can or may include depending on being a purchase or refinance:

– Outgoing bank
– Incoming bank
– Vendor
– Solicitors
– Application fees
– Councils
– Water
– Settlement agents

A Diagnostics and Finance Broker can help coordinate all these parties involved and work closely with your conveyancer / solicitor/settlement agent.

In a refinance the outgoing bank will have a relationship or staff member looking after the client, and when a discharge request comes in from a broker, this will trigger a retention team. This is where the negotiation in the first place to help you with your goals and objectives. The process we take is to achieve readiness with the outgoing bank at the same time as the application of the income bank.


If you walk into a bank or have done your loan yourself what follow up or support, do you have either post the settlement process or even ongoing?

I believe in your finance broker being your finance professional. At Diagnostics and Finance, you’ll find that you are followed up:
– 14 days after settlement
– 3 months after Loan Settlement and
– Every year after that

Within the annual review and touch point, there is the opportunity for any change in financial circumstances to be managed and maintained.