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Medical Professionals

At Diagnostics and Finance, we are passionate about the medical sector and medical sales representatives. Aaron has been in health care for the past 16 years and is now helping medical professionals gain access to needed funding. In addition, make sure you reach out for a free copy of his book Evidence Based Medical Devices or sign up on one of the business cards you may have.


There are three components to Diagnostics and Finance offering;

1. Business Finance,
2. Your Finance
3. Staff Engagement.

These three together are a powerful combination for your business.



Leveraging equipment that can be financed by a bank, so that your cash is freed up for the business itself.


In your business you can leverage off what can be financed so that you can focus your money and cash flow onto the things that help you grow with, staff, the client experience and business expenses for example rent and your income to live.


We don’t go into business to employ people and just make a significant impact on the community/peoples lives. We also want to affect it ourselves as well through growing wealth.


So investing in your own home or investment property and/or building a portfolio and leveraging where you can to help you develop quicker that side of your personal life so that you can have something for you and your family outside of work.


Now that we’ve helped your business and your personal finance. How about Diagnostics and Finance educate your staff with free sessions in the tea room as well. Great educational tool to be able to sit in your tea room to provide a few minutes of information.


Thinking about two areas of help going to the bank during business hours and untangling finances.


If we go to the bank during lunch to do a home loan where we could have the opportunity to do it outside of hours, you can put another half an hour to an hour back into productivity for the business, obviously noting that there is at times need to visit the bank for other items.


Or gain some tips in the tea room and take a conversation offline. Bring people together and understand where their financial position is going. Whether they need to save a bit of money off their home loan or whether it’s other stress outside primary job with a business of the other partner to who you have employed or other aspects of money and lending needed.


CLICK HERE Video Series for Sales Representatives

Medical Sales Representatives – Devices and Pharmaceuticals, Diagnostics and Finance offers three items of assistance.

1. We believe that sales to you for your job is important to the care of all patients, doctors, nurses, procurement staff, biomedical engineers and IT professionals
2. Your income is made up of multiple components
3. Your time is valuable for your job and life

You also have a limited amount of time, you might be flying, you might be driving and that is quite precious for you to get the sales in and impact the healthcare professionals you come into contact with.



How can a finance and insurance company help you with sales you say??? Well, Aaron has written a book called Evidence Based Medical Devices and Diagnostics and Finance can provide options for finance to help you sell your piece of equipment that could be stuck.

To gain a copy of my book get in contact now or log onto the link on the back of my business card and we will send out a book.
To run past a potential finance option to help your client contact us now CLICK HERE


Your Income can be different to other employees for a bank to look at and there are different policies for different banks related to allowances, bonus/commission or even when you are the local Australian director.

A lot of the bank’s actually shaving a percentage of your bonuses and commissions which can make the difference between passing the loan calculator or not. But there are some that differ slightly!

You can fill out the below form to gain access to the free video series to help you as Sales Representatives to understand your income and how we can shape it to get the best out of then the next purchase that you’re doing or investment.


Diagnostics and Finances will take the heavy lifting there is nothing better to take care of you finance applications. Or to review your current position to suggest or adjust where some items can be saved on or adjusted to grow.

There are so many items that can change in your home loan or other finances even your direction. Whether a fixed rate expiry, interest only or just as you may not have had a review for the past few years.

In an effort for you to have more time to get back and sell more to the care of all patients, doctors, nurses, procurement staff, biomedical engineers and IT professionals